• Rieta

sCoolMakers: how it all started

sCoolMakers is the smart platform where we can exchange tools and resources to learn together to become more environmentally conscious, and build a circular economy within a just society. That's the aim as I write this post.

But the concept already has an almost 4 year history. It has evolved and pivoted and will probably continue to do so. In the spirit of the Stars Are Circular foundation, we continuously play and learn by doing.

Before I write about the exciting new phase we are going to embark on soon - more on that in my next post - I'd like share some highlights of the sCoolMakers story so far.

  • sCoolMakers is the name Agustina and I came up with in 2017 to continue to build on Warenhuisje and expand this and other tools to share far and wide.

  • In that same year we also worked on 7DagenCirculair and founded the Stars Are Circular Foundation to give a home to our crew and ideas.

  • We didn't manage to pull the energy and resources needed to continue with the idea of the Warenhuisje marketplace and decided to park this for a future date.

  • sCoolMakers got a broader scope and continued to be one of the foundation's 3 main pillars, next to Expedition Circular and Circular Stars. Our aim with sCoolMakers is to provide:

"Educational resources for formal and informal educators. Digital and non-digital tools around circularity and 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. Creating impact is super cool"

The further along I am on this exploration of how to contribute to a Circular Society, the more I appreciate that taking action, experimenting, creating and sharing brings so much learning. You learn what - in a certain moment! - works and what doesn't work and you continue and do your best. You appreciate the people you meet and build long lasting relationships.

I love how in every action we can hold on to the values of the Foundation:

Play, Create, Share, Change, Shine!

This video is a nice memory from 15 july 2018, we created it for an application we did. The application didn't work out and yet here we are. Persisting!