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Rethinking Pedagogical Approaches and Digital Tools to Teach Circular Economy: to Teach is to Learn Twice.

From the beginning of March 2021 until the end of July 2022 we will be working together with Université Libre de Bruxelles and Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin on this project. The project is made possible by Erasmus+.

On this page you can find more information about the project and follow it's progress. We will publish quarterly reports of our progress and welcome your input and feedback. 


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Advisory Board

Our intention is to set up an Advisory Board composed of around 12 associated or socio-economic partners from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. For the Netherlands the Stars Are Circular Foundation is looking for well connected experts with a passion for education in the fields of Social Entrepreneurship, Education, Digitization and Circular Economy. 


With a focus on the regions Amsterdam in the west and Nijmegen, Arnhem and De Achterhoek in the east of The Netherlands, we want to connect with as many Stakeholders as possible. Do you share our goal to create (digital) tools to teach circular economy to kids from 6-16y/o and make these accessible to as many formal and informal educators as possible? Sign up to never miss an update and get invites to our co-creation sessions. 

Frequently asked questions

What is your approach to build a network of actors and competences focused on the common topic of the Circular Economy for which each will be able to enrich and extend its own knowledge?

sCoolMakers is more than a "portfolio" website, displaying available material. During the build of the platform we pay just as much attention to the "behind the scenes" to ensure there is a team of real people providing a service to all community members. Technology is there to help us, but in the end quality is created by people and the authentic relationships between them. 

We want to be of service to our community members and will actively curate the content on our platform to keep it current and up to date. We will also periodically reach out to our community members to find out how to best improve on the use of sCoolMakers. 

Finally we also share content and interact on the mayor social platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 

What is the geographical scope of sCoolMakers?

We are developing the platform first for Dutch regions but aim to continuously expand to other (EU) countries as well, starting with our neighbouring countries Belgium and Germany. By the end of the project all content will be available in Dutch and English and most content will also be available in French and German. 

The exact path will depend greatly on the available local partners we can collaborate with. Because sCoolMakers puts people and relationships first we cannot scale without trusted local partners that work with us in a cooperative way.  

Is your organisation part of the EU or the United Kingdom? Do our activities resonate with you and would you like to help set up, develop and disseminate education tools for a circular economy within a just society in your region or country? Go to our Collaborate page and find out how. Just curious for now and don't want to miss any updates? Subscribe to our newsletter (in the footer).

The project results will also be published on Erasmus+ platform , EPALE platform, eTwinning and the School Education Gateway

What is the license used for sCoolMakers tools?

We believe open access is best to harness everyone's potential and possibility to contribute to the tools and continuously make them better and keep them relevant. We use a Creative Commons License.